Thank you for listening to my album "Buena Vista", an 8-track collection of Synthwave / Outrun / Cinematic Dark Synth songs inspired by 80s movie soundtracks, video games and pop, as well as the sounds of Jean-Michel Jarre, Klaus Schulze, Vangelis or John Carpenter. If you like the music of Perturbator, Miami Nights 1984, Lazer Hawk and Gunship, you'll probably enjoy this album.

It is also available on Compact Disc which features a flip cover artwork.

Written, produced, mixed & performed by Miles Matrix
Mastered by Stefan Noltemeyer
Recorded at home and created with Garageband, using the VSTs: UH-E Repro • Korg PolySix • Mono/Fury • Dexed • OB-XD • PG-8X • Audiaire Zone, featuring Samples from the movie "Assignment: Outer Space" and by Datadrive
Artwork by Miles Matrix