EP01: ARCADEGLITCH – The Retrowave Mix with DJ Miles Matrix (feat. Sellorekt/LA Dreams, Caspro, Icarus, MK Khan and many more)  

First DJ set from Miles Matrix' new show ARCADEGLITCH featuring classic and brandnew Synthwave tracks in one continuous mix.


  1. The Outrunners - Runaways
  2. MK Khan - Beach Drive
  3. Sung - Life and Glory
  4. Fortis Flight - Bright (Instrumental)
  5. Deorbiting - Oceandrive Miami 84
  6. World Complete - Oxygen
  7. Caspro - Window Vistas
  8. Sferro - Stargazer
  9. Icarus - Killers
  10. Starfarer - Sphere of Lucidity (Michael Weber Remix)
  11. Saturn will not sleep - Exoplanet
  12. Sellorekt/LA Dreams - Heat
  13. Le Matos - Complete Memory Recover
  14. Primo - Motorcycle in the Milky Way
  15. Chris Keya - Apokalypse

Listen also on Youtube or Mixcloud.

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Chill Chiptune Jam with Pocket Operators 12, 20, 28 & Korg NTS-1 

First time with my "big setup" in this jam. Three Pocket Operators and Korg NTS-1 mixed with Maker Hart Loop Mixer. The PO-20 is run through a BOSS OS-2, the PO-28 through a Zoom MS-70 CDR. The PO-12 is the master clock and connects to the others through a Sync Splitter. I ran out of TRS cables and had to record with the built-in mics of my digital recorder, plus I didn't account for the noise of the disco lights, so the audio isn't that good, unfortunately. Still was a fun jam, though.

Nanoloop FM: Quick Techno Jam 

Still playing around with the new Nanoloop FM, and recorded a quick and dirty little Techno jam.

With this jam, I was exploring the possibilities of putting a song together live (save for sound creation), as firmware 0.2 doesn't have song mode yet. So by loading full slots as well as individual slots and deactivating them, and tweaking parameters on the fly I tried to put together a little minimal techno piece.

Karl Magi reviews "Dreams Are Fan Fiction Of Reality" 

Wonderful little review of Keiji Otarii's Chiptune album "Dreams Are Fan Fiction Of Reality":

"A free-roaming, energetic and aurally interesting album that moves into a distinctly experimental realm as it leaps, flies and stutters through unique music that definitely has its own character."

Read the whole review by Karl Magi here. Thank you for the nice words.

First simple little jam with my Nanoloop FM 

My first steps with the Nanoloop FM, a dedicated nanoloop device with FM synthesis, filtered square waves, 4 channels: 1-, 2-, 3-voice, noise; 16-step sequencer; memory: 64 banks with 8*4 patterns; song mode; data transfer / update via audio; sync: analog and MIDI; power: 2xAAA = 50h+ Find out more here.

Little jam with a loop to demo the basic functions. Still far more to explore but it's fun already.